Get It Right

by Various Artists

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Nonstop Everything is a label based in Pittsburgh. We’ve run out of closet space for physical releases so now it’s a strictly digital agenda. Our project The Van Allen Belt is a quirky collage pop experience that emerged from songwriter/producer Benjamin Ferris back in 2007. Between this project, his solo works and other collaborations, he has produced a catalog of over 100 songs. Today is his birthday and in a celebratory fashion we are happy to release our first compilation. We’ve met a lot of amazing musicians over time in our travels all over the United States with The Van Allen Belt and a few were kind enough to contribute previously recorded tracks to this endeavor. All proceeds from downloads will benefit the Bernie Sanders campaign.


released April 12, 2016

Please support the wonderful artists who have contributed to this compilation:

Artwork by Noel Hefele


The Van Allen Belt

Monta At Odds

Seth Faergolzia $ The 23 Psagez

Syna So Pro

Mrs. Paintbrush

Bill Rivers

Frédéric Choudin

Dean Cercone

Mark Nelsen & Devin Farney





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Track Name: The Van Allen Belt - If We Can't Get It Right Right Now
If we can't get it right right now
Can we ever get it?
How can we ever get it if we can't get it right right now?

I'm in a bind cuz I can't find my mind
Someone picked it up when it got left behind
I'd have it found if I weren't so damn bound
Can we not get it right right now

I dreamt last night that we were all alright
And there was not a reason to scream and fight
I woke up then it was the same again
Can we not get it right right now?
Track Name: Seth Faergolzia & The 23 Psagez - Video Games With Real Guns
When the wrecking ball makes all come down
When you're standing in your destroyed town
You take picture on your phone
Send it to the drones
Send it to the clones

Perhaps the pic will end up viral
Thousands will pretend they care
Your pain and grief will make you famous
But you're still standing there, dust collecting in your hair

Till you finally start to walk away
Everywhere you go they think you're homeless
That's not exactly what you are though
Your home was destroyed, and now you've nowhere to go

Into the mountains where you're looking down
See it's happening to every town
People doing it are playing games
Video games with real guns, and don't say it ain't a shame

So you attempt to bring them back
To reality through desperation
They cannot see the lives they take
Sat at a desk with numbers spilling out of their hands

Your vision grows across the world
Finding its way to all the boys and girls
They spill into the streets in numbers too large to contain
But are they desperate as you?

It's not the numbers but the drive inside
You've got to show them that the fight is alive
Got break the shell of protected ignorance
Expose the innocence and teach the clone how to cry.
Track Name: Frédéric Choudin - Safe Passage To The Border
A l'est sur les hauteurs
Perce une lueur

Adieu, pour la prochaine fois
Mon pays, mon coin à moi

Vol des oiseaux blancs
En apesanteur
Couleur orange, soleil levant
Il est sept heures

Sauf-conduit vers la frontière
Et le ciel s'éclaire

Nos visages pâles
sous un ciel blanc

Et tout au loin mon village